Eating Los Angeles: Baco Mercat

Baco Mercat may be the most casual restaurant that my brother in-law has ever worked at, but I think it’s the best. Bon Appetit & Esquire agree with me, naming it to their list of best new restaurants for 2012. I loved that the super-endearing wait staff all get to wear whatever they want; that the menu is almost all small plates, appetizers and their now-famous sandwiches (bacos); and that the bill rarely exceeds $100.00.

My brother in-law picked out some of his favorite dishes for my husband and I to sample when we joined him there for lunch, and I (of course) documented our dining experience.

“The ToronoBaco (sandwich): oxtail hash, pickle, cheddar, tater, horseradish. The bread lands somewhere between a pita and a blini.

tomato basil vinegar soda: photo by Jackie Alpers

If you’ve ever had really good salad dressing that you wished you could guzzle down straight, you know what it was like to drink this “shrub”. It’s a handmade soda with tomatoes, basil and a vinegar based syrup.

“blistered okra tomato, garlic, basil”  The only okra dish I’ve ever liked. Ever.

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