Eating Los Angeles

I’m going to step away from posting recipes in this post. From taco trucks to Mario Batali, from un-named starlets at Bon Appetit’s top rated boutique coffee shop, to the world famous Chateau Marmont; I ate my way through Los Angeles last weekend and here are the photos to prove it.

JackieAlpers_food_photography_cherries at mozza

Cherries for dessert at Pizzeria Mozza


bite sized donuts with powdered sugar from Lamill by food photographer Jackie Alpers

House-Made brioche doughnut holes at LaMill Coffee Boutique


Lavender lemonade by Jackie Alpers

Lavender lemonade with seeded ice at LaMill


woman with hat and iced coffee at lamill by Jackie Alpers

Incognito starlet with iced coffee at LaMill


Cheese and crackers by food photographer Jackie Alpers

The Cheese Shop at Silverlake



Grilled jalapeno chilies and tortillas at taco stand


Veggie tacos from an L.A. taco stand by Jackie Alpers

Veggie tacos from the taco stand


table in lobby at Chateau Marmont by jackie Alpers

Lobby, Chateau Marmont

Chair in lobby at Chateau Marmont by Jackie Alpers

Chair in lobby at Chateau Marmont



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