Chicharrones, Cornichons & Chicken Liver Pate Bites


Chicken liver pate bites on pork rinds with pickles
Chicharrones, Cornichons & Chicken Liver Pate Bites
Author: Jackie Alpers
My choice for snack of the day is a crunchy Sonoran style Mexican and Jewish deli mashup. Chopped liver pate smeared onto pork rinds and topped with cornichons!


  • 1 cup chicharrones
  • ½ cup prepared chopped chicken liver pate
  • cup cornichons


  • This may seem like an unlikely, (and un-kosher) combination at first, but the pork rinds add a nice crunch without distracting too much from the chopped liver, and the cornichons add just the right amount of salty bite.
  • I love chopped liver but I haven't been able to figure out how to make it as well as the deli up the street.
  • I asked them for the recipe, and all the person behind the counter knew was a list of ingredients: eggs, chicken liver, chicken fat, onion, garlic, salt; which are common to all chopped liver recipes.
  • When I figure it out I'll post the recipe here. I'm starting with  this one from this month's Saveur Magazine.


I made Saveur's recipe for chopped liver today and it turned out perfectly. It's similar to the $16.00 a pound version from the deli, but it only cost me about $3.00 to make!
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Sonoran, Sonoran Style Mexican, Sonoran/Jewish/Mexican
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