Sparkling Star Shaped Sugar Cubes

For my first article on the Food Network’s Dish blog, I came up with some ideas for fun and easy ways to add sprinkles to your holiday creations, including these DIY Sprinkles Sugar Cubes.

Plop a sugar cube doused with bitters into a flute. Top it off with your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine, and you have one of the perennial-favorite New Year’s Eve classic cocktails. Handcrafted aromatic bitters infused with Thai, Mexican or Moroccan flavors (available in specialty stores and online) and homemade sprinkles sugar cubes make it very 2014. For the instructions on how to make your own sparkling sprinkles sugar cubes, and for more ideas, visit the Food Network Blog.

champagne cocktail-9 Jackie Alpers

champagne cocktail b-1 Jackie Alpers

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